About Us

Mukhtar Hiring Services is one of the popular hiring supplies agencies for over half a century as it has found a niche for itself by providing range of services for all kinds of events and functions. They believe in providing the best customer service something which has been constant since their inception back in 1958. In the hiring services industry he parameters are mapped on being the best amongst your competitors and peers. Therefore it would not be wrong to say that Mukhtar hiring services have been providing nothing short of best since they started operations! What can be termed as a humble beginning, has today become a name to be reckoned with in this era of cut throat competition.

The company has always been a trend setter which it seems to have gathered from its founders. 

The company strives in providing customer satisfaction and this diversification of services signifies the same motto. They provide all services under one roof, therefore while organizing a function or a party, the patron need not look any further than Mukhtar Hiring Services. It would not be wrong to say that he has ensured that his contribution is visible in all the areas of the company. This transformation might seem easy on paper, but in reality has been quite a journey. The challenges faced were immense, as developing a brand and creating a need in itself had been a daunting task. He has been able to sell a service to his clients, where they have learnt to contact one person for all their requirements than many!


Our Services

At Mukhtar Hiring Services CC, we offer a variety of products and services for our customers. You can count on us for being your one stop shop for all of your events. We cater to the likes of...

  • Marquee Services

  • Event Planning

  • General Hiring Supplies